The Great Kindle Giveaway

Ok so I rarely is ever repost giveaways but this one caught my attention. I can afford a free kindle – can you?  There really isn’t much to the rules so click the kittie banner at the end to see the rules and enter to win a Kindle =)

Copied from BiblioFreak’s Blog:

This contest will run until Dec 18th, 2009. I will get it to you by Christmas, provided you promptly respond to my e-mail that you have won.

But wait! There’s more: I’m sure that you noticed that the box I showed before was very large, and the Kindle is the weight and size of an average paperback book. So you might be wondering what else in the box.

The answer is more Kindles. Fourteen more, to be precise.

However, while I’ve fronted some money, I’m not rich. The first Kindle I’m paying for myself. The rest will be funded through my Amazon affiliation. For every $259 I make, I will offer up another Kindle.

The drawing: The drawing will occur on December 18th. The drawing will be randomized using Every point you get above qualifies you for another entry. Having the highest score doesn’t guarantee you a Kindle, but it does increase your chances.

More Kindles: The Great Kindle Giveaway starts with 1 Kindle, but I have 15 in total. As you’ve probably noticed, Bibliofreakblog has links to Amazon on the sidebar and in posts. If you click one of these links right before you make a purchase, I make a commission. It doesn’t matter if you buy the book I’ve reviewed or something else entirely (TVs, games, DVDs, Kindle books, anything). For every $259 in commissions I make, I’ll release another Kindle into the drawing. It doesn’t cost you any extra to do this, and it really helps me make this blog possible. Think of it as a mitzvah, and another way to increase your chances of winning a Kindle, because the more in the offering, the more likely you are to get one.

For those abroad: This give away is international. If the U.S. Post Office can send it to you, then you’re eligible. Sorry astronauts, that means nobody on space stations. For all of you international readers, keep in mind that this is the brand spankin’ new Kindle 2, which works everywhere. However, because I ordered it from the U.S., they have U.S. chargers, so if you are some place other than North America, you’ll either need an adapter or to order a new charger.


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