Acheron (Dark-Hunter, #16)

[author: Sherrilyn Kenyon]

It’s finally here! Since the beginning of the Dark-Hunter series in 2002 the most anticipated story has finally arrived.The life of Acheron Parthenopaeus (or “Ash” as he is known to most)is not one for the faint of heart. Please know in advance the tale Sherrilyn weaves in this book is full of pain and sorrow.
So you’ve been warned…
We actually got a little 2-in-1 book here. The first is Acheron’s past and takes up a little over half of the 800+ page book. The second half is Ash, here and now.

The first half of the book is rather intense and for some people it may be quite disturbing as it deals with issues such as abuse. Warning aside this is an amazing glimpse into what made Ash the DH (Dark-Hunter) we all know and love. This first part will create as many new questions as it gives answers. After you’ve read it you may wonder “How could he be such a great person after all he went through?” That shows the true character of man. We all have two choices when pushed into the fire, burn others or protect them.
In this section we get glimpses of Artemis and Apollomi that may lend to a better understanding of these controversial characters. It may even lead to *shudder* sympathy for the red-headed heifer goddess. I know! Scary stuff!

O-Kay! Jump about 11,000 years and we are back in the present. This is the Ash we know. The back-pack carrying, sunglasses wearing, back protecting, moody T-Rex we all know and love. Much like in Sins of the Night Ash is attempting to protect his past, only this time he decides to do his dirty work without the help of Alexion. Big-Bad Ash can handle a goofy under-age college professor right? Or can he? There seems to be more to Tory than just a HUGE brain.
Humor returns via Simi and Tory. Tory has a smart mouth and a good arm. She keeps Ash on his feet for the rest of the book with her quick retorts and snappish manner.
All in all this is a great accomplishment for Sherrilyn who has been building this up for many years. There was defiantly some suspicion from avid readers as to whether the hype of Ash could survive a book. Everyone wanted to know more about the man of mystery but would this ruin him for future novels? I am pleased to say that in my opinion this book has just raised the standard for the new novels to come. Sherrilyn continues to amaze and astound. A truly talented author! Way to go…Now get to work. I’m out of reading material =)


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