Great Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hardcover, 352 pages, St. Martins Press (Aug 4, 09)

OK so it is possible that I may be slightly biased in this review since Sherrilyn Kenyon (hence forth known as AG author goddess) is one of my all time favorite authors ever! But I will try to be fair.

This is #26 in the Dark-Hunter Series. This is the story of Fang Kattalakis a Katagaria Were-Wolf and Aimee Peltier a Katagaria Were-Bear. Theirs is a love Forbidden by the Omegrion Savitar, their love is death sentence. Which is why they must remain simply friends.

There is a lot of back-story in this book, seeing as how Fang and Aimee’s story actually started back in Night Play which was book 6 of the Dark-Hunter series, I think the back story was needed and well done. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it and I disagree. When you have a series that spans over this many books it makes sense that you will need to occasionally delve into the back-story. I think this is rapidly moving to the top 5 list of fav DH books. AG spends the entire book developing the romance between Fang and Aimee – I think more so than any of her other books. By the end you feel like you are part of that relationship. Plus any book that pulls you in so far that you laugh out loud at work is good. Any book that pulls you in so far that you tear up at work is great!

I read an article a week or so ago about how different people read differently and I am a visual reader. I can see the book play out in my head. If the author is really good I see the characters clearly, hear their voices and everything. Let me tell you – this was one good head movie =)

5 out of 5 – An absolute must read!


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2 responses to “Great Moon Rising

  • cloktwr

    So this was the book that you kept reading lines from to me! I’m glad you enjoy these so much.

  • Gabriella

    I LOVE Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter novels. Her B.A.D. novels, too. I’m currently reading Bad Moon Rising, and it’s amazing!!!
    I’m also a visual reader and Sherrilyn Kenyon writes in a way that I can see the book play out like a movie in my mind. I can’t wait to see how Fang and Aimee’s story plays out in the end.

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