Big & Beautiful or Big & Delusional

As stated in yesterday’s blog – I’m fat. I’m not thick, big-boned, overweight, large, or stout. I’m fat. That’s not beautiful. That’s not an attractive trait. Not something that I am proud of or ashamed of. It is what is it is. A state of being.

There are so many people out there saying stuff like, “Fat is fabulous” and “Big is beautiful”. I am here to tell you that being fat is neither fabulous nor is it beautiful and the people that say those things are lying to themselves.

I have had a problem with my weight for as long as I can remember. The kids in school always made fun of me for being  fat and having glasses. I didn’t really try to do anything to lose the weight. That is until I decided to join the Air Force. You have to meet the weight requirements or you might as well not even go for the physical. So I did what any girl does when she needs to lose weight fast. I popped diet pills and didn’t eat. I lost the weight – I didn’t get in and I made myself sick in the process. I met my now husband not long after this. I was a little heavier but not much. I will never be a twig – I look very sickly if I get much under 140. I think I was at 145 when I met him. I’m 5’8 by the way. He liked what he saw so he got to know me.

We are still in love today. Love makes you do silly things. Silly things like get lazy about your weight. It’s only natural that when the hunt is over the hunter relaxes. It’s not a good thing but it happens. Luckily my husband loves me for more that just my body. He is understanding and kind and loving and wonderful! Some men aren’t. Ladies, you remember your Mom telling you that a man should love you for who you are not what you look like? That may be true but let me impart a little wisdom on you – If he doesn’t think you are attractive he won’t get to know you. Very few men find fat other than in the chest area appealing.

Big is not beautiful – fat is not your friend. That doesn’t mean you should starve yourself into a lollipop head it just means that you should try to be more healthy. Find a weight that is appropriate to your specific body style. Find a weight that you and your significant other can be happy with. Find a diet and lifestyle that you and your doctor can agree on. Most importantly find a you that you can truly be happy with.

I’ll never be under a size 14. I’ll never be as skinny as the “other” girls. But I will not settle with “Big is Beautiful”


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