Stackhouse Fever

I while ago I started (and finished) a fun series of books.  It’s the Southern Vampireseries written by Charlaine Harris (also known as the Sookie Stackhouse series).  Apparently the first book was made into the first season of the HBO series True Blood.

In short, I would say that the series is funny at times, it’s suspenseful, it has at least one guy in each book that you would just love to do things to, there are vamps, wares (wolves and others), fairies, witches, and Sookie is a mind reader. The books are really fast reads. Very few books have me lying in wait till R is “sleeping” to turn the light back on and start back up. Ok, I only did that on the weekends (sure).

Here’s the order of the books.  Don’t be intimidated at how many there are.  They really do read very fast (I’m talking a day or three at most).

  1. Dead Until Dark
  2. Living Dead in Dallas
  3. Club Dead
  4. Dead to the World
  5. Dead as a Doornail
  6. Definitely Dead 
  7. All Together Dead
  8. From Dead to Worse
  9. Dead and Gone (May 2009)
  10. A Touch of Dead (October 2009)

Now for the family ratings: There are a few mature scenes but nothing graphic.  Think Harlequin Romance style mature scenes.


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