Customer Service

That’s what I do. I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn here: I’m damn good. I have some customers that don’t want to deal with anyone else. Why? Because I can take care of them the first time, because they can count on me to call them back, because I can fix the problem. What am I getting at here? I expect good customer service. People seem to have forgotten how to deal with other people. When I call a company to get information I want to be treated the way I treat my customers: Like I am the only customer they have.

This applies to the service industry as well. Twice this month I’ve gone out with C & HA. We had a ton of fun shopping at different craft stores and such. Eventually after all that shopping you have to eat so we went to a little Mexican joint we enjoy. Let me tell you how irritable I become when I have to wait for my drink to be refilled. If I’m sucking ice you are sucking at your job! Our waitress passed the table 3 times without even taking a glance at our dining situation. So I moved my now empty glass to the edge of the table, you know, the international sign for “HEY! I need more!”. After I did that she walked past the table four more times! Unacceptable! Oh, did I mention I was drinking water? Not like it takes a whole huge amount of effort to fill!

The second time was at our local pool hall – they have great food! Their service however, that can be another story. This particular story was not happy. Again with the drink problem! I was not happy! By the time she got around to filling my glass, my dinner was cold. I had hot wings and really needed a drink handy to eat them.

So I’ve come up with a solution: from now aks the waitress if she plans on providing refills in a timely manner, if the answer is no: ask for a refill everytime she comes to the table whether you need one or not!

Now I pose a question to you: Do you tip when your service is bad? when it’s good? Are you a 10% or 15% tipper?




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6 responses to “Customer Service

  • Vickie

    You know me, I’m harsh when it comes to people messing with me. If they’re bad I’ve been known to write on their part of the reciept that they were awful (or one time even “only the worthy receive tips”) Not even kidding. Now if they really are good I’ll make sure it’s around 20% AND make sure to mention some good words to the manager on duty.

  • Tara

    hey is this the jennie that I remember from church a long time ago?

  • Ray

    How often do you update this? Also please email me a personal email address so we don’t have to use work anymore. Thanks.

  • Holly

    I was wiith Jennie for the bad service. I was upset as well. If servers do a good job, they normally get more than a 20% tip from me… If they suck, they get a penny for their thoughts… Or a nasty note on the ticket.

  • Jillianbear

    If someone asked me if I planned on providing refills in a timely manner, I would probably purposely wait a bit too long to give them their refill. Why? Because someone assuming two seconds after I meet them that I suck at my job would be completely insulting. And if I have 10 other tables of people to wait on, I am going to run my ass off for the people that I don’t feel insulted by.

    Just saying. From the waitress point of view, this is how we feel. I mean, how do you feel when someone is rude to you the second you take their call? Probably not too excited to be talking to them.

    A better way to get refills (and I do realize that plenty of waitresses actually do suck, so this is probably necessary) might be to say that you drink a lot of water and it might be easier for her if she just drops off a pitcher for your table. Then you sound all nice and she will probably pay more attention to you because you seem cool.

  • Kimmy

    If it’s super bad I’ll hand them the penny and tell them that next time they may want to remember where most of their income comes from. If it’s super bad I’ll give 25% or, if the tab is under $15, around 50% (good service earns more than just 3 or 4 bucks). If it’s not spectacular and it didn’t suck, I’m a 15% tipper.

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