So let me start of by saying: I love my iPod! However…I HATE iTUNES!!! This program and I have been in a constant power struggle from day one! It doesn’t matter what I do, one thing starts to go right and four more things go wrong. For example: I finally  got rid of all the duplicates triplicates that it decided I needed when lo and behold it decides that I don’t need half of the album art I spent hours finding! If it wasn’t for the fact that no other music application syncs so seamlessly with my iPod I swear I would delete that stinking program and do a happy dance as is vanished from the the face of my desktop!

Let me reiterate: iTunes bad, iPod good!

Oh – did I mention I stayed up till like 12:15am messing with that program!


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One response to “i-Headache!!!

  • Leslie

    That is one thing that irritates me is that everything requires a program to take over your computer. Thats why I exchanged my Zoon for a Sony Walkman Mp3 player. If I download a song, I usually get it on Amazon.com. I think they have a program you can download but I never downloaded it. I just click on song and save it to a folder on my computer, then after it’s done I transfer it to my mp3 player. I don’t do it that often because it takes all night on my dreaded dial up.

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