Book Review: One For the Money by Janet Evanovich

 Meet Stephanie Plum.  She’s an out of work lingerie buyer having to pawn off her small appliances to pay her bills.  She’s in desperate need of a job.  Being the classy New Jersey girl that she is she blackmails her cousin Vinny into hiring her.  He’s owns a bail bond business.  She sets her sights high for her first FTA (failure to appear).  A cop named Joe Morelli who’s accused of shooting an unarmed man.  If Stephanie can bring him she gets $10,000!  Her money troubles will be fixed for quite a while.  If only it were that simple.  She lost her cherry to Morelli in high school during a romp behind the counter in a bakery.

This book is highly entertaining!  Stephanie has a grandmother that will make tears roll down your cheeks from laughing so hard!  There’s also Ranger.  He’s her hard body bounty hunter mentor of Cuban descent.  If that weren’t enough to convince you this is a good story let me add that Stephanie has a history of her cars being blown up, repossessed, or stolen among other things. 

This is a real page turner.  It’s been a long time since I read a book that I wanted to finish in one sitting.  This one took me a whopping three hours!  Sign me up for the rest of the Stephanie Plum series!  So far there’s fourteen so I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied for a while.

To sum up: Lots of action and suspense, good chemistry between characters, lots of sexual tension.  No sex scenes.



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