Review: The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James

Having just put down the book The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James I feel compelled to share with my fellow Austen Addicts that this was a sad disappointment.  That being said I must admit that I spent several hours refusing to put this book down.  I could have easily finished it in one sitting.

The premise is that an attic a trunk is found with several never before seen writings of Jane Austen.  This book, her lost manuscript, is supposedly one of the items in the chest.  Being written in the first person this book is very easy to read.  My greatest disappointment is that it really was just a retelling of several of Ms. Austen’s books that we are all familiar with.  Mix them all together and change the names… TA DA!  A book.  The story I would say is cute.  It follows Jane through her life focusing on a particularly well to do gentleman that she meets.  Not only does she run into him on several occasions she also seems to lose him at very obvious moments in the story.

I would recomend this book to anyone that isn’t familair with any of the Jane Austen books.  As for the rest of us.  Continue searching for your Mr. Darcy because he isn’t in this book. 



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