For Starters…a little about me and the blog

I read alot – I mean alot. Generally 2 to 3 books a week depending on the length of the book. This blog is as much for me to keep track of things as for you to see what’s out there. Not all the blogs will be book reviews. Feel free to comment and disagree, I won’t be offended. Also please feel free to request a review in you comment, chances are if I haven’t read it yet I will read it soon.

I read many different genres but as you will come to see I tend to lean towards vampires and the supernatural. I read alot of young adult fiction as well so I will be posting “Family Friendly” reviews for all ages so please keep checking in for those.

I also read alot in the Romance genre. If the book is a romance, I intend to tell you approximately how many sex scenes are included and how good they are. These blogs will have be under the “Mature Audiences” category so if you find this offensive please move on to another category.

I have a Vickie. Do you have a Vickie? She’s my partner in crime – you know – the kind of friend that would be in the jail cell with you. She’s great! She will be posting on the blog as well. Where one reader is great, two is phenomonal! She’ll give us some book reviews and (if asked really nicely) might divulge a recipe or two.

I look forward to reading with you!!



About Jennie

I am a Bibliophile. A lover of books. To me picking up a book is like getting a pass to go anywhere you like. The past, the future, the realm of the unknown. I know it sounds corny and oh so Reading Rainbow-ish It's true. Even a fiction book can increase your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. I married. Happily married. I love my husband. I love my family and my friends. They support in (most) all I do. That's the basics - anything else you want to know feel free to ask... View all posts by Jennie

2 responses to “For Starters…a little about me and the blog

  • Vickie

    Sweet! So this will be like JoeBob Briggs way back when. He would intro movies by how many decapitations, boobies, and explosions there were before even telling you about the movie so you knew if it was one you wanted to watch. I like it!

  • Kimmy

    Yes I have a Vickie. In fact, I had my Vickie first. 🙂

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